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Last updated on the 29 of january 2020.

The presentgeneralterms and conditions are concluded, on the one hand, by the company Freewinshopping establishedstreet Chapelle des Clercs 3, 4000 Liège (Belgium), registered in the BelgiantradeRegister under the enterprise identification number: 0696,765,351, here in afterreferred to as Freewinshopping or ‘the company’ or designated by the ‘We’ and managing the site Https:// ,and, on the other hand, by anynaturalpersonwishing to use the Services of Doulces. Or make a purchase by the website Https:// here in afterreferred to us ‘the buyer or the Internet user or “the user” or designated by the “You”.

I)Terms and conditions of use

Pleasereadthese conditions carefullybeforeusing the Doulces Services. By usingour Services, youagree to besubject to theseTerms of use and sale. Weoffer a wide range of products and additional conditions mayapply, depending on each supplier. By acceptingthesegeneralterms and conditions of the sale and use, youdeclarethatyou have reached the age of majority in your country, state or province of residence, and thatyou have given us your consent to allowdependent minor usingthiswebsite. The use of ourproducts for anyillegalorunauthorizedpurposeisprohibited, and you must not, in the course of using the Service, violate the laws of yourjurisdiction. You must not transmit worms, viruses or anyother code of a destructive nature. Anyinfringement or violation of thesegeneralterms and conditions of the sale and use willresult in the immediatetermination of your Services.

The site:

  •  Name:Doulces
  •  Full URL:
  • Generic e-mail contact:

The company:

  •  Legal name: Freewinshopping (IndividualCompany)
  • Establishedin: Street Chapelle des Clercs 3, 4000 Liège (Belgium)
  • CompanyNumber: 0696 765 351
  • VAT number: BE 0696 765 351

The site publication manager is Oumar Georges PIROTTE (Site administrator) To contact him:

The websitehost:

  • Companyname:Register (SA)
  •  HeadquartersAddress : Chaussée de Roodebeek 206, 1200 Brussels (Belgium)
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The status of the site: The site Https:// has a quality of host or Contents editor (administrator) published by users. This qualitywillresultfrom the absence or the legalliability of the Company for content directlypublished by Internet users. The user cannot post comments or content thatis visible to otherusers of the site.

Hostingprovider’spolicyregardingabuse: As an ICANN-accredited registrar, wetake complaints about abuses veryseriously. Pleasee-mail us at if youwish to report abuse. Register. He willreview the admissibility of each complaint and process your application as soon as possible.

If the buyerwishes to contact the Company Freewinshopping, it can do so by mail to the followingaddress:

Doulces Street Chapelle des Clercs 3, 4000 Liège (Belgium)

Or by email at the followingaddress:

Theseterms of sales are intended to define the contractual relations betweendoulces and thePurchaser and the conditions applicable to anypurchase made through the website Https://

The use of the services and the acquisition of a productthroughthis site imply an unreserved acceptance by the user of thesegeneral conditions of use and which the purchaseracknowledgeshavingtaken notice prior to his order. Beforeany transaction, the buyerdeclares, on the one hand, that the purchase of products on the site Https:// is not directlyrelated to itsprofessionalactivity and islimited to strictlypersonal use and, on the other hand, to have full legalcapacity, allowingit to commit itselfunderthesegeneral conditions of sale.

The Company Freewinshopping keeps the possibility of changingthesegeneral conditions at any time, in order to complywithany new regulations or in order to improve the use of its site. As a result, the applicable conditions willbethose in effect on the date of the order by the purchaser.

Whenyou use the site Https:// or if yousend us e-mails, SMS or other communications fromyourfixed or mobile equipment, youcommunicateelectronically. For contractualpurposes, youagreethat all agreements, information, disclosures and other communications.Doulceswillsendyouelectronicallymeet all the legal obligations of communications in writing, unless a specificmandatorylaw imposes another mode of communication.

Wereserve the right to denyaccess to services at any time to anyperson for anyreasonwhatsoever.

You understandthatyour content (excludingyourcreditcard information) couldbetransferred in an unencryptedmanner, implying:

(a) Communications on variousnetworks; and of changes to comply and adapt to the technicalrequirements for connecting networks or devices. Creditcard information isalwaysencryptedduring transmission on the networks.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, or operateany part of the service or use of the service, or anyaccess to the service or contact on the website, throughwhich the service isprovided, withoutauthorizationwrittenpriorto us.

In addition to the prohibitions set out in the general Conditions of sales and use, you are prohibitedfromusing the site or itsContent:

(a) For illegalpurposes;

(b) To encourage third parties to carry out or participate in illegalacts;

(c) To violateany international, federal, provincial or state law, regulation, rule or regulation;

(d) For harm or violate The Intellectualpropertyrights;

(e) For submitting false or misleadinginformation;

(f) For transmit viruses or anyother type of malicious code thatwill or couldbeused in such a way as to compromise the functionality or operation of the Service;

(g) For collect or track the personal information of others

(h) For polluposter, phishing, hijack a domain, extort information, browse, crawl, or scan the Web (or anyotherresource);

(i) For obscene or immoral purposes; or

(j) For damage or circumvent the safetymeasures of the Services of Doulces. Wereserve the right to terminateyour use of the Service or anyrelatedwebsite for infringing the prohibited uses.

On the other hand, Doulcesdoes not sellproducts to minors. If you are under the age of 18,

you can only use Doulcesunder the supervision of a parent or guardian.

The company Freewinshopping In the process of distance selling, isheldonly by no obligation of means. Liabilitymay not beincurred for damage resultingfrom the use of the Internet such as data loss, intrusion, viruses, service disruption, or otherinvoluntaryproblems.

Doulcesis not responsible if the information available on this site is not accurate, complete or up to date. The content of this site isprovided as an indication only and should not beyouronly source of information for makingdecisions. If youdecide to rely on the content presented on this site, you do so at yourownrisk and assume full responsibility.

Doulcesreserves the right to modify the content of this site at any time, but has no obligation to update the information on the site. You agreethatitisyourresponsibility to monitor the changes made to our site.

All the elements of the site Https:// (trademark, logo, patent, etc.) are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property the company Freewinshopping. No one isallowed to reproduce, exploit, or use in anyway, evenpartially, the elements of the site whetherthey are in the form of photo, logos, visual or text.

Doulces respects the intellectualproperty of others. If youbelievethatany of yourintellectualpropertyrights have been used in a waythatmay cause a fear of violation of theserights, please contact us via the following contact mail:

1. Trademarks

Graphics, logos, page headers, buttons, scripts, and service namesincluded in your site browsing Https:// are trademarks or visualsbelonging to the company ‘Freewinshopping’. Theymay not beused for products or services that do not belong to the Doulces, or in anywaythatcould cause confusion amongcustomers, or denigrate or discreditDoulces.

2. Licence and Access

All rightsthat have not been expresslygranted to you in thesegeneralterms are reserved and remainDoulces. No Service Doulces or any part of thereshallbereproduced, copied, sold, resold, visited or exploited for commercial reasonswithout the express and written permission of the manager. You must not misuse Service Doulces.

You must use the Services of the site Https:// as authorized by law, and as part of whatispermittedunderthesegeneral Conditions.

The Company Freewinshopping undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of the information provided by the purchaser, whichitwouldberequired to transmit for the use of certain services. All information concerninghimissubject to the provisions of the Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978.

This website and the generalterms and conditions of the sale and use complywith the Europeanregulationdated 14 April 2016, Regulation No 2016/679, general data protection regulations, or RGPD.

As such, the user has the right to access, modify and delete the information concerninghim. He can requestit at any time by mail to the followingaddress:


Street Chapelle des Clercs 3,

4000 Liège (Belgium)


1) A ‘Cookies’ can allow the user to identify the site, the personalization of its site consultation and the acceleration of the display of the site by saving a data file on its computer. The Site islikely to use ‘Cookies’ primarily to Get Off the year navigation statistics to improve the user’sexperience, and Allow Access to a member’saccount and content thatis not accessible without a connection.

The user acknowledgesbeinginformed of this practice and authorizes the publisher of the Site to use it. The publisheragrees to nevercommunicate the contents of these ‘Cookies’ to third parties, except in the case of requisitionlegal. The user may refuse to register ‘cookies’ or set up his browser to bewarnedbefore the ‘cookies’ are accepted. To do this, the user willproceed to the setting of his browser.

If, at ourrequest, yousubmitspecific content (for example, to participate in contests), or if without a requestfrom us, yousendcreativeideas, suggestions, proposals, plan or otherelements, whether online, by email, or otherwise (collectively, ‘comments’), yougrant us the right, at any time, and without restriction, to edit, copy, publish, distribute, translate and use otherwise and in any media any comment yousend us. We are not and should not berequired (1) to maintain the confidentiality of Comments (2) to pay compensation to anyone for any comment provided (3) Respond to comments. Wemay, but have no obligation to do monitor, modify or delete the content wedeem, in our sole discretion, to beillegal, offensive, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or otherwiseobjectionable, or thatviolatesanyintellectualproperty or thesegeneralterms and conditions of the sale and use.

You agree to writecommentsthat do not violate the rights of third parties, including copyrights, trademarks, confidentiality, personality, or otherpersonal or proprietaryrights. You alsoagreethatyourcommentswill not containillegal, offensive, defamatory or obscene content, norwilltheycontainany computer viruses or othermalicious software thatcould affect in anywaywhetheritis the operation of the Service or anyotherassociatedwebsite. You cannot use false emailaddress, pretend to besomeoneyou are not, or try to mislead us and/or third parties in error as to the origin of yourcomments. You are entirelyresponsible for all the commentsyoupublish and theiraccuracy. We assume no responsibility and declineanycommitment to anycommentsyoupublish or anyotherthird party publishes.

Beforeanyprocedure, wewant to promotemediation. The user willbe able to appeal to an authorizedmediator, or to the services of consumer Associations in order to try to resolve the conflictbetween the user and Doulces, and to restore dialogue and find a peacefulground of understanding.

In case of conflictbetween parties or prosecutions in payment, the courts on whichourcorporateheadquarters. The Present conditions of sale on the line are subject to Belgianlaw. In the event of a dispute, the courts of the head office of Seller are competent, except for binding public order provisions.

II)Terms of Sale

Article 1:Products

The productsproposed are thoselisted on the website Https:// the Company Freewinshopping,within the limit of available stocks.

The Company Freewinshopping reserves the right to change the assortment of products at any time. Eachproductispresented on the website in the form of a descriptive containingits main technicalcharacteristics (capacity, use, composition…). The photographs are as faithful as possible but do not engage the seller. The sale of the productspresented at the site Https:// isintended to buyersresidents in countries thatfully permit the entry of theseproductsintotheirterritory.

Article 2: Rates

Eachday, a number of productswillbeelected (at Freewinshopping’sdiscretion) to allow the purchaser to participate in the score game, in addition to the generalterms and conditions of sale. The rest of the productswillbesubject to the ordinary sales conditions. At the end of the fast game, the winner willbefullyreimbursed the amount of the item selected, and the otherswill have to pay the price of the item as theywould on a classic online sales site.

The pricesshown on the sheetsproduced of the Internet catalogue and are in euros (€) including all taxes (incl. VAT) Takingintoaccount the tax applicable on the day of the order. Any change in the VAT rate maybepassed on to the price of the products. The Company Freewinshopping reserves the right to change itsprices at any time, without notice and at any time being, however, understoodthat the pricelisted in the catalogue on the day of the orderwillbe the only applicable to the purchaser. The pricesquoted do not include the delivery charges, charged in addition to the price of the productspurchasedaccording to the total amount of the order.

Wewill not be liable to you or anyotherthird party for any change in price, suspension or interruption of Service.

The site Https:// worksalso in drop shipping, whose back office ismanaged by the software Prestashop. Drop shipping works as follows:

  1. Customersbuyfrom the online store
  2. We charge the order and takeourmargin.
  3. We transmit ourorderthrough the interface drop shipping.
  4. The provider (drop shipper) Prepares the logistics of the orders and manages the delivery.

Each supplier or drop shipperappliesitsownsendingpolicy (deadlines, carriers, weights and tariffs).

Article 3:Order, paymentterms and availability

Wereserve the right to refuse anyorderthatyoupassto us. Wemay, at our sole discretion, reduce or cancel the quantitiespurchased per person, per household or by order. These restrictions couldincludepassed by or from the samecustomeraccount, the samecreditcard, and/or ordersthat use the samebilling and/or shipping address. In the eventthatwemodify an order or cancel it, wemayattempt to notifyyou by contactingyou at the email and/or billingaddress/telephonenumberprovided at the time the orderwasplaced. Wereserve the right to limit or prohibitorderswhich, at our sole discretion, mayappear to befrommerchants, dealers or distributors.

You agree to provide up-to-date, complete and accurateorder and account information for all ordersplacedonour store. You agree to quickly update youraccount and other information, includingyouremailaddress, yourcreditcardnumbers and expiration dates, sothatwe can completeyour transactions and contact you if necessary.

Beforeanyorder, the buyer must create an account on the site Https:// The accountcreation topic isdirectly accessible from the side menu bar. At eachvisit, the purchaser, if hewishes to order or consult his account (orderstatus, Profile…), will have to identifyhimselfusingthis information.

After-sales service offers the customera follow-up of the parcels. The Provider willsend if it has a tracking code thatwillallowcustomers to track the package.

In case the supplier has not delivered the customer, or the package has arrived in bad conditions, werefund on the customeraccount and warning by email.

Delivery times mayvarydepending on the supplier. In order to ensurethat the customeriswellaware of the deadlines, a special mention willbe made on eachproductsheetspecifying the delivery times of the supplier.

Terms of Payment

No cash or cheque paymentsshouldbe sent. The Company Freewinshopping offers the buyer to order and adjustitsproducts in several stages, withtwo options of payment to choose:

  1. Paymentby:

 (Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, American Express):

  • The buyer Selects the productsitwants to order in the ‘basket’, modifies if necessary (quantities, references…), check the deliveryaddress or fills in a new one.
  • The shipping costs are calculated and submitted to the purchaser, as well as the name of the carrier.
  • The buyerchooses the method of payment of itschoice.
  • Finally, the last step proposes to him to check all the information, to read and accept the presentgeneral conditions of sale by checking the corresponding box and then invites him to validate his order by clicking on the button ‘confirmmyorder’. This last click forms the conclusion of the contract.
  • Upon validation, the purchaserreceives a purchaseorder to confirm the registration of his order.
  • In order to finalizeitspayment and trigger the processing of itsorder, the buyer must pay the price of his order, by means of the online payment platform made available to customers, in connectionwith the Company Freewinshopping, the details of which are communicated to the purchaser.
  • Uponreceipt of the transfer, the orderwillbeprocessed and the buyerwillbeinformed by email.
  • The supplier shipsproducts as soon as the first business dayaftercashing the cheque corresponding to the order, subject to provisions.
  1. Secure Payment by Paypal or creditcard (via PAYPAL system):
  • The buyer Selects the productsitwants to order in the ‘basket’, modifies if necessary (quantities, references…), check the deliveryaddress or fills in a new one.
  • The Shipping costs are calculated and submitted to the purchaser, as well as the name of the carrier.
  • The buyerchooses the method of payment of his choice: ‘Payment by Paypal’.
  • The nextstepis to check all the information, to read and accept the presentgeneral conditions of sale by checking the corresponding box and thenpromptinghim to validate his order by clicking on the button ‘Confirmmy Command’.
  • Finally, the buyerisredirected to the secure PAYPAL interface in order to securelyinform his accountreferencesPaypal or a personalBluecard. If the paymentisaccepted, the orderisregistered and the contractisdefinitelyformed.
  • Uponreceipt, the orderwillbeprocessed and the buyerwillbeinformed by email.
  • The supplier willship the products at the earliesttwo business daysafterreceipt of the cheque corresponding to the order, subject to provisions.

Payment by AccountPaypal or by creditcardisirrevocable. In the event of fraudulent use of the latter, the purchasermayrequire the cancellation of the payment by card directlyfromitsbanking institution manager. The holder of a creditcardis not liable if the disputedpayment has been provedperformfraudulently, remotely, withoutphysical use of his card. In order to obtainreimbursement of the fraudulentdebit and anybank charges that the transaction may have generated, the cardholder must contest in writing the levyfrom his bank in the deadlines set by yourbanking institution, and according to the conditions stipulated in the contract of yourcreditcard. The amountswilleventuallybereimburseddirectly by the bank. No costs of restitution of the sumsmaybecharged to the holder.

The confirmation of an order entails acceptance of theseterms of sales and use, the recognition to have perfectknowledge and the renunciation to availitself of itsown conditions of purchase. All the data provided and the recorded confirmation willbeworth proof of the transaction. If the purchaser has an emailaddress and has been informed about the purchaseorder, the Company Freewinshopping willcommunicate to him by email the confirmation of the registration of his order.

Article 4: Return Policy

Unless one of the exceptions listedbelowis applicable, youmaywithdrawfromyourorderwithoutgiving a reasonwithin 14 daysfrom the date on whichyou, or a third party designated by you (otherthan the carrier), physicallytook possession of the goodspurchased or from the date on whichyouenteredinto the contract for the services

To meet the deadline for withdrawal, simplysendyourrequest for retractionbefore the 14-day deadline expires and return yourproductthroughour online return center..

  • The returned items are underyourresponsibilityuntilwereceivethem.
  • Wereimburse the items at the pricewhereyouboughtthem
  • Our warehouseinspects all return items, and therefore must be compliant.

To return an article, just follow thisprocedure:

  • Cut out the return label thatis on the return voucher received in yourorder
  • Indicate the reason for your return (Form?)
  • Put your item and the voucher back in the package in whichitarrived. Pack it all carefullysothatthatitis not damaged on the way back. Bags, labels, packaging, etc. Must not betorn off or damaged and must come back to us.
  • Paste the prepaid return label on The Parcel in MaskingAnyexisting shipping label.
  • We are ready to return yourparcel. Just use the samedelivery service thatisused for delivery.

Be sure to ask for a receipt as proof thatyou have returned to the parcel.

Once your return parcelisreceived by our supplier, youwillreceive an email confirmation of return. Wewilltreatyour return within 14 days to proceedwithyourrefund as soon as possible.

  • Wewillreimburseyouaccording to the paymentmethodthatyouused to order.
  • If you have paid by creditcard or with PayPal, itmaytake a few daysbefore the amount of the refundappears on youraccount, and this time limitusuallydepends on yourbank.
  • If you have settledyourorderwith a gift card, wewillsendyou a new gift card of the sameamount.
  • If you have settledyourpurchases by combining a gift card and anotherform of payment, wewill first reimburse the amountpaid by thisotherform of Payment. The possible residualamountwillbereimbursed in the form of a new gift card.

If you have any questions :

At the address: Freewinshopping –Street Chapelle des Clercs 3–4000 Liège (Belgium)

Is by email to the 

Article 5 : Zone Fromcatchment

The online sale of products and services presented on the website of DoulcesIs reserved for buyerswhoreside in Belgium, France, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or the Netherlands and for requireddeliveries in thesegeographical areas.


The online sale of products and services presented on the site of DoulcesisReserved for buyers From all over the world, withoutgeographical limitations, at the discretion of each supplier.

Article 6:Property Reserve

The company Freewinshoppingretainscompleteownership of the productssold up to the perfectcashing of the price, in principal, charges and taxes included.

Article 7 : Withdrawal

The purchaser has a period of fourteenworkingdaysfrom the delivery of theirorder to exercisetheir right of withdrawal and thus to return the product to the seller for exchange or reimbursementwithout penalty, except for the cost of return.

Wewould love to know the reasonswhyyou are not completelysatisfiedwith the products and services of Doulces. So do not hesitate to make us know:

At the address: Doulces – Street Chapelle des Clercs 3–4000 Liège (Belgium)

Is by email to the 

Article 8: Delivery

The deliveries are made at the addressindicated on the orderform, whichyou have previouslyfilled out during the order confirmation of the item, which can onlybe in the agreedgeographical area.

The orders are made by the carrier of the choice of the companymanaging the products. Delivery times are onlygiven as an indication.

Delivery times mayvarydepending on the supplier. In order to ensurethat the customeriswellaware of the deadlines, a special mention willbe made on eachproductsheetspecifying the delivery times of the supplier.

Transportation-relatedrisks are the responsibility of the purchaserfrom the time the items leave the premises of the supplier (or suppliers). The buyerisrequired to check in the presence of the postman or the deliveryman, the condition of the packing of the goods and its contents at the deliverance. In the event of damage during transport, anyprotest must be made with the carrier.

Article 9:Guarantee

Theseterms of use are subject to Belgianlaw. If you are a consumer and yourhabitualresidenceislocated in a country of the European Union, youbenefitfromrightsthatprotectyouunder the mandatory provisions of the law applicable in your country of residence.

For the purposes of theseTerms of use, youmaybring an action to enforce your consumer rights in Belgium or in the country of the European Union in whichyoureside.


Street Chapelle des Clercs 3,

4000 Liège (Belgium)